False Convictions
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Welcome to my site:

False Convictions happen every day in this country. One crime that gets more and more false convictions is the crimes associated with children. While I am totally against people who takes advantage of children or anyone else for that matter. I am a victim of the system. I made this site to protect the children from abusers and make people aware that false convictions really do happen. They happen even if the Judge even says, "If you recall in his testimony, he testified to no sexual abuse." as in my case. I hope that this site will be helpful to you in preventing a false conviction. Juries are not perfect and do not always make the right decision and in my case, did not take their duties seriously. Just convict and go home. There was lots of evidence that would have cleared me in the trial. Lies you could even see through. The trials occurred in Wake County, NC in the early 90's. 

Don't ever think that it could not happen to you because it can. My advice to you is to take extra precautions when dealing with children. If you are convicted, it will be next to impossible to find a real job ever and it will follow you for the rest of your life. Name on the Sex Offender Registry and public humiliation. I have had to live this lie as well as the child that has confessed to me that his own mother made him lie for the last 23 years. It has been hard on me and my family. Plus has broken us with legal fees in excess of over 100,000 dollars and have not cost the accusers one dime. 

I feel very sorry for anyone that has gotten abused. I would like to see any perpetrator that takes advantage of a child brought to justice. Also, I would like to tell any child that has been abused to come forward and let people know. Also, if no one has abused you, don't make up lies to get people in trouble. Always tell the truth. On the same token, you make a child lie, you should face the same charge you accused them of. There needs to be some kind of accountability here.

I am looking for someone or organization that will help me clear my name. It is very aggravating knowing you are innocent and have evidence to prove it. If you would like to help me get my name cleared, please email me. I have served everyday of my original sentence but have the desire to have my name cleared because I am really NOT GUILTY of anything. Please read my story to find out more. Please sign and comment on my petitions. Share them with your friends. This case is outrageous and it shows how innocent people really do go to prison.

Here the child confesses to me that his own mother made him lie and the State files Intimidation of a Witness charges to cover it up and uses the mother as the victim. The confession was on a audio tape to prove it. My lawyer did not present that to the jury, and a judge said he was effective. My attorney even said, he did not use it because he thought it was manufactured evidence and the confession took place when I was secreted in another room. That is not how it happened. My attorney made this up. The child actually apologized directly to my face. My lawyer was really not on my side and have not seen anything like this. I just can not sit back and remain silent anymore. I have to tell my story. I guarantee you have not seen a case like this. I am not mad with the children as they did not know any better. Hopefully, they are grown up and have a conscience. I hope they will tell the truth now and clear my name.

My email address:  seekingrelief@hotmail.com

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Hopefully my website will serve useful to others. It saddens me that any child would get abused. While you have people that actually abuse children, you have some people like myself, that were falsely accused and convicted.. I want my name cleared because I am completely innocent of these crimes. I have proof to back up what I am saying here is true. I even have the documents that were filed with the court. I hope that someone will help me in the mission of getting my name cleared. My rights for a retrial were hidden from me by the prosecution and my counsel. The Intimidation was a big part of my trial because it involved the confession from the child. 

Any help you can give me is greatly appreciated. If you know of anyone that I can write to help me in my quest to get these convictions overturned, it will be greatly appreciated. Please email me at the address above. I will answer everyone that replies. I hope that you can help me bring the truth out and get justice. Please sign my petitions under the petitions tab. Thanks in advance for your support to get my convictions overturned.

Thanks for visiting my site.