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This is a very outrageous case. The main reason why I was even charged with this crime was found out in the discovery material. This was told to the boys mother "that I had a prior conviction in Virginia for child molestation." Her response to that was that "She regrets that she did not check my record in other states." I had no convictions, trials, etc. I just happened to be from Virginia. I have never abused any child in my life. I tried to help this needy family and I am the one who suffers. The boys mother told me that he had been molested by his father when we returned from a church bingo game where he was playing.  Immediately, I felt very sorry for him. I actually met his father at a church bingo. I even told him about my charges. He told me, "You can see why we got divorced." and "It is better you than me." Yet, the boys mother did not even turn him in and let me take the blame for something I did not do. This mother even got her other child to lie on me as well claiming that he witnessed me do it to him and his brother.

On August 3, 1991 something incredible happened that I did not even expect to happen while visiting my friends. They lived directly behind the accusers. One of the children that accused me confessed to me that he was sorry and his own mother made him lie. I told him that I forgave him. Within two weeks, the state charged me with Intimidating a States witness to basically cover up the confession and used the mother as the victim.  All I did was accept his apology and forgave him. I did not know he was even coming over. This confession has gotten me through the last 23 years because he knew he was wrong and gave me an apology.

Even on the Victim Impact Statement, the boys mother admits that, "My son feels like he was in the wrong." This was written two weeks prior to my trial. Yet, I still went to trial and was even convicted even after the boy shook his head no when asked, "Do you know why you are here today?"

No one even brought up his confession and my lawyer had his confession on a audio tape that my friends son made. My friends son was 9 at the time. My counsel did not use the tape or the child that made it. Come to find out the truth 22 years later the reason why he did not use it, even after he told me that he would bring it out by surprise at the "big trial". My lawyer, did not use the tape, at either trial. His reasoning why which he never told me. He felt, "the tape was manufactured evidence, and it would appear that, the defendant was trying to put one over on the jury." and decided not to use the tape at trial.

I even hired a Private Investigator, and he said that my files were all destroyed. He said, "I could not even find a police report so I could proceed. However, I called the phone numbers to check behind the investigator and obtained all of this new evidence to clear my name with. He made a statement that he looked, "Long and Hard". Looking at the work he did, he only spent 2 hours on it which is not long enough to get anywhere. However, I got documents in my possession that will clear my name.

I hope that I am given the opportunity to bring these facts out in a courtroom because if I am, the evidence will show that I am innocent of these charges and will show that I am really a victim of the justice system.