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These cases happened about 22 years ago. These cases are very disturbing to me and hope that I get a heard on this matter because the end result should be exoneration of all charges. I just can not remain silent anymore. What happened to me is wrong. I may have done my sentence, still the truth remains untold. I want justice.

I will give you a briefing on the cases. The charges were Indecent Liberties with a Minor, and a Intimidation of a States Witness charge. I would like to first start off by saying that I am not guilty of anything and want my name cleared. I have done every day of my sentence and am tired of living this lie that I did something when I am in fact innocent.

I was charged with Indecent Liberties in December of 1990. About 8 months into this something incredible happened. One of the accusers came to me at my friends house. She lived directly behind the accusers and actually confessed and told me that he was sorry and his own mother made him lie. Of course, I felt really good about that and still do. A couple of weeks after the confession from the accuser, I was charged with Intimidation of a States Witness. This was used by the State to cover up the boys confession which was on a audio tape. The State brought the boys mother in as the victim, she changed her story 3 times on the witness stand, and the judge finds me guilty. So, I appeal the case. My lawyers had no witnesses there to defend me nor would not let me testify here and claimed that they would bring the confession tape out at the big trial by surprise.

Of course, that did not happen at the Indecent Liberites trial either. The jury heard the judge say that, "As you recall in his testimony, Jeffrey testified to no sexual abuse." Yet I was still convicted of the charges and sent to prison. How could a jury convict someone after hearing that. At my trial, my lawyers did not prepare me, nor even used the person that made and witnessed the confession and taped it. That is just one example. Further, they did not prepare my testimony for trial. In fact, my own lawyer, told me that if I did not take the plea, to get out of his office, that I was going to prison. After I lost the appeal, I filed a Motion for Appropriate relief on my prior counsel and the judge agreed with them saying they were effective. How could a reasonable person agree with them?

My counsel lied on the stand a lot regarding why they did not use the taped confession that I wanted presented to prove my innocence. They said they did not use it because he thought that it was manufactured evidence. Why did he let me go to a trial and make me believe that he would use it then. Further, made a statement that I provided the tape recorder and I was secreted in another room. I had no idea that he was coming over to confess, and if I knew he was going to be there, I would have not been.

Martin, that made the tape, he was 9 years old at the time. My lawyers made a statement in the hearing that he would testify to "what I told him to." I never told him what to say, ever. All I want is the truth and am sure that he would say that today.

I also would like to add I met the father of this child, he told me that. "You can see why we got divorced, and it is better you than me"  This statement came directly from his dad while I played bingo where he played at. Jeffrey introduced me to his dad, and that's how I know who he is.

In closing, these accusers hopefully now have a conscience and will tell the truth. I want my name cleared. There is a lot of disturbing facts here. I do not want to be looked at as a Sex Offender because I would never do anything like this.

Thanks for reading this. I recently took a polygraph test at my own expense and passed it with no deception. What has happened to me should not happen to anyone else. 

If there is an attorney here in NC that would like to contact me, and represent me my email is on the main page. Thanks in advance for your help and I would be happy to discuss the case in full with you.

I know there are people in prison that are innocent and know and lived what they are going through and want to make people aware that false accusations and convictions really do happen. I have had to be self employed because of this because no one will hire me with a criminal record.