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These documents posted on this website prove that I am  innocent. If you believe in my innocence, please sign the petition and comment on my blog. Your support is greatly appreciated.       

Feel free to put these links on any website you kind find. I would never have found out this information. However, I decided to investigate this case myself. It is amazing to me that a a defense lawyer and the prosecutor did things in my case that should never happen.

The Victim Impact statement was written by the boys mother two weeks prior to the trial. She even admitted that her son felt like he was wrong. The only question I have is why did we even have a trail? 

The Intimidation case existed and will be posting documents on this website to show you that they hid my court dates concerning this because my lawyer and the prosecution KNEW what this case meant and was hidden during the appeal so the confession would not surface. 

Knowing what I know now, I will never give up until justice is served and someone is held accountable what happened to me. If you know of a lawyer that would like to get involved with my case. please tell them to let me know. Thank you.