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North Carolina Pro Bono Attorney Wanted:

I am looking for a Pro Bono attorney that could help me on these cases. I have done a lot of the investigation research. I just need help getting it into the court room. I have some of the original court documents and these show I am really innocent. Just look at Victim Impact and Confession tabs. You will be shocked.

My old lawyer hid court dates on the Intimidation so the child's audio taped confession would not come out in the appeal process either. On top of that, my appeal was decided on Feb. 24, 1994 and my lawyer and the prosecution worked together so my case would be affected by the new NC Sex Offender registration law.

I just discovered this a couple of days ago. Concerning the charge that I thought happened in 1995, really it was in 1992. My lawyer entered a plea on my behalf and I did not even know that any charges were even filed on me. I was NEVER arrested, my rights were not read, no fingerprints, no arrest warrant, etc.

This is not your usual case and I really would appreciate your assistance in this matter. It would mean so much to me and my family. The last lawyer we had broke us financially and cost 135,000. I hope we can work something out because when you have evidence that shows you are innocent, it is very bothersome.

You can get up with me. My email address is . When you contact me, we can exchange phone numbers and I can go over the cases in more detail than what is on this site. It is very distrubing what has happened. Thanks.