Jury Duty
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All I can say to people that are asked to serve on a jury is take your duties seriously. Just because a defendant does not take the stand does not mean he has something to hide. In my case, I was denied my right to testify by my own attorneys. Plus, the jury did not even hear the all important confession from one of the accusers because my lawyer refused to let it be known.

I know in cases that involve children, juries usually side with the children with no doubts. They can change their story on the stand and still be believed. However, I can tell you, I was innocent and the jury convicted me and the judge sent me to prison. Even the judge in my case said, " As you recall in his testimony, he testified to no sexual abuse." The jury even convicted me after the judge said that.

I hope that this case can set the example. While I do not like to see any child get abused. I think there should be some kind of punishment when it is found out that a child was made to lie by another adult or person. I have had to live with this lie hanging over me for the last 23 years. It is very painful knowing you were innocent and the jury convicted you.

The decision you make for a defendant will follow him for the rest of their lives. So please, consider all the evidence very carefully.

When I was on house arrest fighting my case on appeal, I was even called on jury duty. I did not have to go. However, I was called. I found out last year why I never got my retrial on the Intimidation of a Witness charge. The prosecution claims I could not be found. I had to call in everyday to a pretrial officer on a daily basis.

I know now why this happened. The prosecution knew that a confession existed and did not want it to come out during the appeal process.

I sure hope that I get the opportunity to get the convictions overturned.