Shocking Evidence
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When you did not think your case could get any more shocking, I uncovered even more. It is even plainer to see than ever that my own defense attorneys were against me as well. They worked together with the prosecution, hiding court dates, pleading me guilty to the Intimidation of a Witness charges without my knowledge or consent. This charge would have brought out the confession from the accuser. Instead, they chose to hide the evidence and I was on house arrest during the entire time my appeal was going on and my attorney nor the pretrial release officer let me know about the missed court dates. I had a warrant out for my arrest because I missed the court date that I did not know even existed. The prosecutor checks the reason that I could not be found as an excuse why I missed the date. I was on house arrest. My pretrial release officer nor my lawyer never once contacted me and told me I had a court date, nor did he even tell me that I missed a court date. I called in everyday for almost 2 years!! They knew where I was. This was their way of hiding the evidence during the appeal process so the confession from the accuser would never come out.

I investigated my own case in 2012 and found out some pretty shocking evidence. My own counsel and the prosecution worked together, among many other things, allowed me to miss three very important court date retrials on the Intimidation of a States Witness charge. This was a very serious allegation, however, it would have proved that my own attorney hid a AUDIO TAPED confession from the jury. I had nothing to do with it. My girlfriend at the time lived behind the accusers. The accuser came over on his own and apologized directly to me that he was sorry.  2 weeks of the apology, I was charged with Intimidation, just as my lawyer said. It appears that he personally had me charged with this and explains why he did not bring up the tape at trial. He believes the tape to be manufactured evidence. Wasn't that the job for the jury to decide and not my lawyer. Further, if he really believed that, why did he not ask the accuser on the stand about it.

However, I did not know until a couple of years ago. In 2012, I see the real reason why he did not use the tape. Look under the confession tab. During the Motion for Appropriate Relief hearing, my lawyer actually lied on the stand about the confession and the facts surrounding it. He said that I was secreted in another room, told a witness what to say, all to discredit the confession. Yet he was supposed to be on my side. He lied on the stand, and since being a former District Court judge, the judge bought his bogus story. He apologized directly to my face and the tape was my girl friends sons idea which I thought it was a good idea so I could prove my innocence. Yet, I had nothing to do with it and just was already over there visiting my friend when he came.

Further to show that my own counsel and the prosecution was working together, among many other things, allowing me to remain on house arrest even after my appeal was decided on for 11 additional months so the new NC Sex Offender registration law would apply to me. This case is beyond outrageous. I can prove my innocence and pray every day that I am given the chance because I have had to live this lie for the past 25 years and the real facts need to be brought out.